Saturday, June 18, 2011

We elected Sue Johnson as President proving girls can govern

Cong. Michelle Bachmann
Michelle Bachmann wants to be President of the United States. She’s a girl. I can attest to this because I have met her personally. You can take my word for it.

But can a girl win the presidency? Yes, and on this you can also take my word for it.

In 1961, Sue Johnson defeated me, Dave Racer, for the Presidency of Dr. James Phillips’ Ninth Grade Core Class. Sue served admirably. I think I became secretary of something.

Alright, running a Ninth Grade class isn’t exactly like being The Most Powerful Leader in the World. I grant you that.

But what makes a good U.S. President? It depends on the times and the challenges.

For my money, the next president have a demonstrable record of commitment to solid principles of faith, family, thrift, limited government, and understand that we are going broke. In my family, it’s the girl that worries most about budget – and not overspending.

Okay. I am convinced that Michelle Bachmann is qualified to be President of the United States for the times in which we live. She may not be the only candidate so qualified, but she is the Real Thing.
In fact, I am willing to say it straight: If any one of the GOP boys want to be President, they should quickly adopt Bachmann’s convictions. I’m pretty sure that Mitt Romney can’t do it, and I wonder about Newt Gingrich. Ron Paul has convictions, but not for these times (he is either two centuries too late or 10 years too soon).

I see Tim Pawlenty, my governor, as an enigma. This is because I am not a pragmatist, and because I am an idealist. Pawlenty governed exceptionally well, but faced a Democrat legislature most of the time. Pawlenty also had to deal with Minnesota’s GOP “conservatives,” many  of whom are to the left of a Missouri Democrat. Clearly, he can do the job, but he also knows how to cut a deal – and I’m thinking this is not the era where we need deal-cutters.

But I got off course. My purpose in this odd piece is to demonstrate that the problems we face in the United States are so ponderous that we have to throw aside the trivial arguments about race and gender, and find someone to bring about a change in course. The change, of course, is to give Barrack Obama the chance to play golf everyday – even twice daily if he wishes, and keep him away from the White House.

Don’t carp at me that Michelle Bachmann kissed George Bush, or said something silly about Paul Revere. Every politician is flawed. This is because they are human beings. Even Sue Johnson had flaws, but far fewer than mine. 

If you don’t want a girl to be president (or at least the girl named Bachmann) then lean on the boys to prove they can do it.

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